SYMBOL MACHINE communications theory and applications

Nature's advanced message processing system has messages waiting!

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Nature's Max Planck turkey TIME signal from the FermiLAB farm region to Cambridge University chicken test site --> the hen/ hawk paradox!


Modern message processing  system of Nature use a variety of  tools and techniques.    The final message is constructed of message segments, message CLUES, message pieces ...... that are SENT OUT into the public domain .... over several years.  

A few words here,  a picture there,  a book page,  a DR. WHO Time travel rerun on television, a  tragic  EVENT that is reported in the news  (television brief description and the more detailed data  reports found in newspapers and magazines).

The alert human... that reads  basic math and basic science  college textbooks ( as a hobby and as curious interest in the concepts of "How the world works") ...... will provide his brain and his subconscious MIND   with ANCHOR points ..... roots ... foundation concepts   --> concepts from biochemistry, organic chemistry, gravity physics,  atomic physics and chemistry,  linear algebra, calculus  integration by parts, etc. 



Thus over many years ... 10  ... 20.. 30 ...40 years .. .. starting with  high school algebra, plane geometry,  PSSC physics,  chemistry, and biology  ..... you have SYMBOL database in your brain  of basic concepts  ..... and the details can be found in your personal math and science library in your home office.

Thus 40 to 50 books collected over 30 years  .... ought cover the foundations  knowledge areas  ..needed for basic understanding of news reports and other articles on television and newspapers,  etc.


Let's look at such a message and then   ... later ..  provide some CLUES about Nature's message processing system.



It starts with ....... a Stephan Hawking  pages ...




A Brief History of Time - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Brief History of Time (subtitled "From the Big Bang to Black Holes") is a popular-science book written by British physicist Stephen Hawking and first published ...


Above,  SYMBOL MACHINE  proper nouns have the algebra subset words:  HEN  HAWK.

Thus we  have  an important  CONCEPT contrast ratio  .... in  intellectual thought  and intellectual action (when needed in the Alan Sokal SCIENCE WARS ).

Thus the ratio between active brains ( the HAWK thinker)   or the passive brain (MOTHER HEN and do nothing in the  C.P.SNOW    culture  WARS  ). 

The contrast ratio was mentioned long ago with ... the SYMBOL MACHINE   proper  noun and its bio-math subet word clue ---> ratio .. algebra

Horatio Alger, Jr. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_Jr.
Horatio Alger, Jr. (January 13, 1832 – July 18, 1899) was a prolific 19th-century American author, best known for his many juvenile novels about impoverished ...


Let's look at a HAWK signal ..... an optical / eye signal  .....   that was fed into the James Joyce stream of consciousness  by those that read his book.



 Above, the HAWK asks ...what happened between  10-33    and  10 -43.


HAWK"S question was  published many years ago .... before this year 2013 report. 


Well, this is what happen in atomic mass  communications theory.

The periodic atomic  table elements created a messenger TURKEY  ...  that is   .... an atomic, bio-physics TURKEY using ST.Charles (DARWIN) , Illinois technology  adapted from  nearby  FermiLAB and its surrounding farm country.

TURKEY --> T + UR + KEY --> The symbol machine element--> Thinking  Uranium  (is)  key.

Thus the atomic English language  book of thought on the atomic elements and their language ... as first described around year 1918.

The Elements of Style - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Elements of Style (1918), by William Strunk, Jr. and E. B. White, is a prescriptive American English writing style guide comprising eight "elementary rules of ...
TURKEY --> T + UR + KEY --> The symbol machine element--> Thinking  Uranium  (is)  key.
TURKEY --> T + UR + KEY --> The symbol machine element--> Thinking  Uranium  (is)  key.

Dr. Pepper Turkey/Kelli’s Retro Kitchen Arts


Thus  we have the Carl Jung atomic collective  unconsciousness   ..... using the atomic ENGLISH language continuum of words , numbers, and picture  ... RETUN the  message to the HEN/ HAWK.


The original conscious published  message   was by Stephen Hawking.

The message is read by other people and over the years the information trickles  down thru the subliminal mind LEVEL  ...  further down thru the subconscious LEVELS .... further down to the  atomic foundation level ... the CARL JUNG atomic collective thought level.  As the  information and the name STEP + HEN + HAWK + KING   went down the STEPS to the lower levels of existential thought ....  what remained at the bottom was HEN and HAWK.

The atomic collective ...the primordial MIND of NATURE could conclude that the message came from a  bird  /poultry family  ... because  of the KEY identifiers:  HEN and HAWK  ..... of that new  bio-mathematical logic  species that came into existence in year 1910 .. named Principia Mathematica featherless bipeds  ... that use wings and ink pens and cellulsoe paper to write messages to nature's SYMBOL MACHINE.


Thus NATURE wished to send a reply message to the HEN/ HAWK existential entity at the communications BRIDGE known as cam.BRIDGE  ..the source of the year 1910 featherless bipeds SIGNAL.





Well, Nature figured out that the page that mentioned the Max Planck time of 10 expoent -43  .... must come from some someone with a physics background .

Thus the Darwinian SYMBOL word selection of the word TURKEY for its physics  feature --> T + Uranium key.

Thus the  Max Planck  atomic TURKEY feedback signal to agent HEN --> message identifier TURKEY HEN  --> Pass message thru  noun: HEN to the  noun: HAWK  and his  poultry flock  .... at DAMTP  at the University of Cambridge


LINKAGE needed





Thus we see the  important message  .......... the  atomic anthropology spirit of Max Planck



Max Plan Planck  - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck, FRS (April 23, 1858 – October 4, 1947) was a German theoretical physicist who originated quantum theory, which won him the ...




Thus the message codes below -->

Hen --> calculus STEP FUNCTIONs  are to rise up the ABSTRACTION  LADDER to STEPHEN 




F Z (complex math function F(Z) )

Tare --> Time area (TIME reseachers)



Let's look at a report that provides more clues about Nature's message processing system and its messages for humanoids.


The Max Plan .. the Max Project Plan  of  

the Max Planck atomic mass communications  turnkey system

named TURKEY.  


The periodic  atomic table of elements of life and thought  has various formats of expression.
One such FORMAT are atomic, bio-physics structures with  the species identifier: humanoid.

The atomic table uses  various communication FORMATS.  
Atomic mass uses atomic mass communications.   Mass communications is television, radios, print, graphic arts, etc.  For the college math and science student ....mass communications is really atomic mass communications.

Mass communication - Wikipedia, the free

In the United States, the study of mass communication is often associated with the practical applications of journalism (Print media), television and radio ...

Mass media - Wikipedia, the free‎

Print media use a physical object such as a newspaper, book, pamphlet or comics, ... as having TV ads that link to a website, or distributing a QR Code in print or ..

Department of Mass Communication : North Greenville › AcademicsHumanities

The Mass Communication Department at North Greenville University seeks to ... video productions, TV station, newspaper (print and online), and yearbook.

Department of Mass Communication 

Department of Mass Communication 

Department of Mass Communication 

Department of Atomic Mass Communication 

Mass Communications | Emory & Henry › AcademicsPrograms

The B.A. in Mass Communications at Emory & Henry is unique in that ... Communication Alumni to Emory & Henry College and Emmy-Winning news ... The B.A. in Mass Communications prepares students for careers in journalism (print, TV

 careers in journalism (printTV

 careers in jo + urn + al + ism (printTV

 careers in job uranium 235 and 238 alphabets
Ism --> information SYMBOL MACHINE

Now let's look at the University of Chicago and FermiLAB TURKEY symbol equation  that was published in mass communications media  ... and visible on  some INTERNET website on COOK county, Chicago .....  that is the geography administrative and political science  unit known as COOK County ... has the super-symmetry physics MIRROR  ..... cooking TURKEY for Thanksgiving dinner.

The atomic English language word --> Turkey --> subset letters  --> T  + ur + key  ----> Time uranium 235 / 238 key
--> key  to Margaret  Mead atomic nuclear family TIME.

The atomic mass communications TIME signal:
We are big fans of turkey in    our    house 
Project | Robert Rathbun Wilson Hall

Wilson's Meats Co.‎

Get In Touch ·
Jobs ·
Contact Us --> periodic atomic table expressions and atomic projections .

What other secrets does the atomic English language tell us.

Dr. Pepper Turkey
D   P            ur  key
Data  Processing uranium 238 key --> equation base 2 exponent 3 = 8

You will need:

16 ounces Dr. Pepper – preferably Dublin Dr. Pepper

16 oz          Dr. Pepper –       .............  Dublin D   P

translated ...we have 
16 oz -->  16 O = Oxygen z = atomic  number --> Implies oygen molecule with atomic molecular mass 32 and atomic number 16

Dublin DP --> Dub blin DP --> Double blind statistical  experiment ( DP = data processing region)  ...  DP  --> DuPage County near Fermilab
What other uranium TURKEY messages exist in the COOK county atomic recipe?

You will need:

2 large onions – peeled and quartered

2 large onions – peeled and quartered

2 large on + io --> 2 large oxygen input output (atomic computer science)
You will need:

12 cloves of garlic – peeled and minced

12 c 

12 carbon atomic mass 
You will need:

Salt & Pepper to taste ---> in atomic terms and perceptions 

SALT Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty I and‎

The Soviet position was to return to the Vladivostok framework, quickly sign SALT II at an early summit in 1977, and to proceed to negotiating a SALT III treaty.

SALT Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty 
SALT  .......Arms Elbows eat  

Thus we have the NaCl --> sodium chloride salt treaty with the periodic atomic table and Nature's government.

Sodium chloride - Wikipedia, the free

Sodium chloride, also known as salt, common salt, table salt or halite, is an ionic compound with the formula NaCl, representing equal proportions of sodium and ...Chemistry - ‎Occurrence - ‎Production - ‎Uses

Atomic, bio-physics humanoid President for NaCl --> North america Clinton
42nd President of the United States
In office
January 20, 1993 – January 20, 2001
Vice President Al Gore  --> agent for math  social engineering al goithms

 Preceded by George H. W. Bush,SR --> Computer Earth system 370 System Region  
 Succeeded by George W. Bush, JR --> Job region 

If you are going to smoke the turkey
If you are going to smoke the turkey
If you are going to smoke the turkey ...go to the geography country of  TURKEY
Above, the SYMBOL MACHINE proper nouns  .....and their FermiAB atomic  language  map  


Symbolism - Medical Definition and More from

the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or
 by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible

Turkey -->  Think  uranium key

Istanbul --> Is + tan + bul --> Information systems tangent bulletin for ...
Bulletin of the Atomic‎

For more than 50 years the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has reported on international affairs, public policy, peace issues, and global conflict. Home of the ...  physics family and  Thanksgiving turkey dinner 

Izmir --> I + Z + mir --> Information Z mirror

Syria --> Sy --> Symmetry physics using EARTH geography locations and names as a  display LAB 

Iraq  --> Paul  ira q-variables --> Paul Dirac q-variables

Iran --> I + ran --> Independent random variables ... represented by the geography country

Ankara --> An  + k + area   -->Atomic number of K = potassium  ... area of 19 electrons and 19 protons
If you are going to smoke the turkey
If you are going to smoke the turkey
If you are going to smoke the turkey ...go to the geography country of  TURKEY and SYRIA

Explain it in 60 seconds: Supersymmetry - Symmetry‎

Mar 1, 2005 - Supersymmetry is a proposed property of the universe.

If you are going to smoke the turkey
If you are going to smoke the turkey --> super-symmetry EVENTS on the geography surface of EARTH LAB
Above, smoke rises after a bomb fired from Syria struck Akçakale in Turkey, killing five and prompting a complaint from Turkey to the UN

Above, super-symmetry smoke signal  rises after a bomb fired from Syria struck Akçakale in Turkey, killing five and prompting a complaint from Turkey to the UN -->
the Carl Jung atomic collective uncosnciousness ...... and that  unconscious conflict may rise to the surface level of expression  ..shown below ..... hoping that few  alert, conscious people like me may recognize the situation  and  tr to explain it to otyhers that have an interest in existence and in Grand Unified Theory and Theory of Everything  ...which includes everything .... such as the  geography map  below that parallels the atomic SYMBOL maps.
Let's look at Nature's  SYMBOL MACHINE and its word commands upon the human bio-computer symbol processor.

The SYMBOL MACHINE is comprised of English language words and concepts, math and physics equations, biochemistry diagrams, electromagnetic sin wave schematics, etc.   The SYMBOL MACHINE equivalent are basic college textbooks in math and science  that may be found in any  bookstore  or a bookstore near a university.

We are reminded of ......

Language in thought and action - S. I. Hayakawa - Google ... › Language Arts & Disciplines › Linguistics › General‎

A revised, updated edition of S. I. Hayakawa's classic work on semantics. He discusses the role of language, its many functions, and how language shapes our ...

Hayakawa: A Summary - Personal Homepages‎

Apr 22, 2008 - Semantics is primarily concerned with meaning and reference, i.e. what Hayakawa calls the relationship between the «map» and the «territory» ...

Maps and Territories - Rijnlandmodel‎

Uit: Language in Thought and Action, door S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds. First, we ...



Let's look at the   perception problems with  language WARS , symbols and the human bio-computer.


Korzybski's Structural Differential and Hayakawa's Abstraction Ladder. By Steve Stockdale. This paper was inspired by, and is addressed to, Andrea Johnson's ...

Abstraction Ladder - Rijnlandmodel‎

GENERAL SEMANTICS & RHINELAND MODEL ... abstractions and their relations is originated by Alfred Korzybski in his book Science and Sanity. ... Hayakawa's version starts with a real live animal, Bessie the cow. ... collected by Hayakawa in his archetypal version of the abstraction ladder, see the illustration alongside.




Thus we see a few pieces to an interesting puzzle.


DAMTP - University of Cambridge
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge.
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge.
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge.
Department of         lied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge.
Department of         lied Mat    and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge.
Department of         lied wrestling mat    and  Theoretical Physics,  sit of cambridge.
Thus the Max Planck message goes unanswered by the British government control of the intellectual attitude in England.

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